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На сайт выставлено большое количество почтовых марок Венгрии по теме "фауна"
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Dear collectors! For Your convenience, we have installed "Google Traslator"! You can find it at the bottom of each store page.

Attention!  In accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation of 15.04.1993 № 4804-1 "On Export and Import of Cultural Property",  we are not sending outside the territory of the Russian Federation: (postage stamps, sheets and blocks), coins, banknotes, stamped envelopes and postal cards, issued over 50 years ago!
Attention! All the items exhibited in the section “Reich” are not and can not be the propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols!
Welcome to the online store - Sportstamps.ru!
We offer a wide range of stamps, envelopes, postcards and coins with delivery around the world
The main direction of our activity – sale of the collection of material devoted to sports events such as Olympic games, world Championships, European Championships and other competitions. Also, in the presence of a large selection of stamps of modern Russia.
We guarantee the quality of the presented at the exhibition of the collection of material!
We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data given at registration!
We do not send abroad any item over 50 years old!
For ordering in our online shop you need to:
1. Select any item in the catalog.
2. Click to Buy (КУПИТЬ) (basket).
3. Next click on Checkout(ОФОРМИТЬ ЗАКАЗ) and enter data about yourself, include your full name, residence address (no P. O. Box), zip code, email address or telephone number.
4. Next, choose a delivery.
To make a purchase in our online store You need to:
1. To register. If You have registered previously on our website, enter your username and password.
2. Choose your favorite items. For Your convenience, the site has a detailed catalogue of the collection of material. You can ask any questions You have and clarify by email. We ask you to make the order, like so the advance booking of lots on our website is not carried out.
3. Go to cart and checkout. In case of nonpayment the order will be cancelled on the 3rd day after his registration! If You cannot pay or change your mind, please let us know by email or by phone.
4. To choose a payment method (Payment). Also, You can suggest your payment method!
5. Transfer the amount of the order and the delivery charge.
6. We will send Your order within 5 working days after receipt of payment. Number of posting we will send You an e-mail or text message.
International shipping:
- for registered mail only air!
a) Registered letter up to 100 gr.) – 240 rubles
b) Registered letter (from 101 to 250 gr.) – 330 rubles
c) Order weighing more than 1001 grams. is calculated individually!
6. We will ship Your order within 3 working days after payment is received. Proof of posting with the number shipped, we will send You an email or SMS message.
In the presence of a valid claim, we will replace the material or refund the money!
If you have any questions, please contact us - info@sportstamps.ru, +7 (911) 712-17-84
You can email us in any language of the world!
Foreign Currency:
The link to website  http://www.cbr.ru
Information on 18.11.2017


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Интернет магазин
Тел: +7 (911) 712-17-84
Email: info@sportstamps.ru
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