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Интернет магазин
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Интернет магазин
Интернет магазин
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Интернет магазин


1. Online payment by link (Internet acquiring)

Bank cards of any banks, Apple Pay, Google Play

This service is provided by JSC “Tinkoff Bank". Internet payments are protected by SSL certificate and 3D Secure protocol. JSC “Tinkoff Bank” does not transfer payment data, including card data, to stores.


2. Cash on delivery by courier delivery service "SDEK"


3. Bank transfer

- Individual entrepreneur Starodetskiy Yuri Konstantinovich

- ITN: 781404356741

- CURRENT ACCOUNT: 40802810800000249174

- BIC: 044525974


"The transfer can be made both at any bank branch and through the online banking service.

To make a transfer through the online banking service, you will need:

- select the item "transfer to an organization", and not to an individual.

- specify the details of the recipient: current account, TIN, BIC of the bank, full details of the sole proprietor.


4. Money transfers: "Golden Crown", "Unistream", "Contact"

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